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CPAC Summer Institute 2024

July 16-18, 2024, Seattle, WA USA

CPAC Rome Meeting 2025

March 24-26, 2025, Rome, Italy



CPAC Rome Meeting 2024

March 18-20, 2024

University of Washington Rome Center, Rome, Italy

Utilization of New Processing Concepts to Support the Demand for Sustainable Materials in a Circular Economy, often enabled by Exploring New Reaction Routes for Continuous Flow Processing Aided by Real-Time Monitoring Technology

Sponsorship: Gimac Microextuders, Optimal Industrial Technologies, UK, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Overview and Workshop Theme: A key enabler of the move to a Circular Economy will be process intensification which offers much more efficient processing for sustainable production. 

The 2024 Rome meeting will build on this theme and there will be an emphasis on exploring new reaction routes that benefit from the growing use of continuous flow technology and effective process monitoring concepts. Of special note, there will be a section of the meeting dedicated to advances in technologies which are of value to the formation of a biorefinery.

Broad meeting topics include:

1.      The Challenge of the Circular Economy – to Achieve a Sustainable Bio-refinery

2.      Examples of New Concepts to Facilitate Next Generation Processes

3.      Enabling Process Understanding to Enable the Integration of Multiple Unit Operations for Continuous Processing

4.      Solution Providers (Advances in Measurement Science and Data Handling)

Registration: The meeting will be in-person with a registration fee of $800 USD (academic rate is available).  We do not plan to have hybrid portions of the meeting due to constraints with UW Rome Center’s technology. 

Contact Mel Koch (kochm@mkopt.net) or Nan Holmes for additional information.

Rome Workshop Organizers: Ray Chrisman, MK Optimization and Control LLC, and Mel Koch, MK Optimization and Control LLC.

Rome Workshop Advisory Steering Committee: Matt Augustine, U California Davis, USA, Giancarlo Cravotto, U Turin, Italy; Claude De Bellefon, U Lyon, France; Ludo Diels, VITO, Belgium; Frank Gupton Virginia Commonwealth University, USA; Volker Hessel, U Adelaide, Australia; Simone Maccagnan, Gimac Microextruders, Italy; Brian Marquardt, MarqMetrix, USA; Peter Poechlauer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Austria; Kurt VandenBussche, UOP, USA; Paul Watts, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa