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July 18-20, 2023

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March 18-20, 2024, Rome, Italy

CPAC Rome Meeting 2017

             Utilization of New Concepts in Process Modeling to Facilitate the Design of Integrated Continuous Processes

March 20-22, 2017, Rome, Italy

University of Washington Rome Center

The evolution of flow microscale reaction technology has led to a wide range of process intensification developments in unit operations used for chemical processing in specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and renewables. The key next step is the integration of these unit operations into end to end optimized continuous processes. The focus of this year’s meeting is on advanced process modeling technologies that will facilitate the efficient integration of unit operations for long term reliable production.

The meeting will begin with several perspectives on the current state of process modeling to build understanding of how it is effectively being developed and applied to insure long term optimized continuous production. The second part of the meeting will focus on flow technology advances in all phases of processing including advances in the use of homogeneous catalysis, separations and purifications, and new sections on the rapid developing areas of continuous fermentation and the control of the physical properties of solids. Advances in the use of process analytics to insure optimum performance in these developments will be discussed and should offer the way to effectively integrate these advances and tie them into the new process models.

For renewable materials the goal is to enable more efficient production processes that facilitate the conversion to a ‘green economy’. For traditional materials the goal is to make them as efficiently as possible to minimize waste and improve quality. Thus the meeting format is designed to facilitate discussions among the multifunctional experts presenting in the various areas while offering the potential of those new to a field to be exposed to new developments. This has catalyzed international collaborations in these important areas.

CPAC has an established track record in fostering academic and industrial interactions - to bridge the gap between basic research and full-scale process / product development. The official language for the workshop will be English. The registration fee will be $650 USD (550 euro). For more information please see the CPAC web site http://cpac.apl.washington.edu/event/CPAC+Rome+Workshop+2017 or http://mkcontrol.com/rome-workshop-2017.html or contact Mel Koch (kochm@uw.edu) or Nan Holmes (nsh@uw.edu).

Mel Koch or Nan Holmes, MKOptandControl@gmail.com, +1 206 992 1001