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Technical Conference at PLAST 2015 –
May 6-7, 2015 Milan Fiera, Rho, Italy

Technology Innovations that Enhance Value in Polymer Processing

Sponsored by: Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC), GIMAC,
MACPLAS, MK Optimization and Control

This CPAC technical conference during PLAST 2015 will highlight advances in process operations that are of value in producing the next generation of high technology polymeric materials. These advances are enabled by recent developments in real-time analysis and data handing concepts that lead to improved process control through process understanding.

The meeting format has three sections.

  • ·          Wednesday, May 6 (14:00-18:00), Conference Centre, Room Aquarius

Day One "Overview of new material concepts and tools being developed to provide significant new capabilities in the field


Invited talks:


New Material Development and Modifications in the Polymer Field

Attilio Citterio, Milan Polytechnical University, Italy


Electroactive Materials for Printed Electronics

Alessio Marrani, Solvay, Italy


Merging new High-Throughput Screening Techniques and Statistical Experimentation Strategies for Enabling High Performance Polymer Product Innovations.

 Eleni Karayianni, DuPont Performance Polymers R&D, Geneva, Switzerland



 Additives that will Improve the Performance of Polymer Products,

Michele Mauri, Roberto Simonutti, and Alberto Bianchi, Graftonica, (a spin off of Milan University-Bicocca), Italy


Discussion: Ray Chrisman, MK Optimization and Control, USA


  • ·          Thursday, May 7 (10:00-13:00), Conference Centre, Room Aquarius

Day Two "Utilizing Developments in Continuous Processing - Process Control, Sampling and Sensing - the Applications and Benefits of these Technologies in Manufacturing Facilities"

Invited talks:

Advanced Rubber Nanocomposite via Process Controlled Reactive Extrusion.

Stefano Testi, Alberto Scurati, Luca Giannini (Pirelli Tire), and Maurizio Galimberti (Milan Poly Technical, Milan, Italy)

 Strategies for the Real Time Analysis of Polymer Streams
Ray Chrisman, MK Optimization and Control, USA


Online Analysis Applied to Monitor Real-Time Distribution, Dispersion and Exfoliation – Resulting in Feed Back Control of a Continuous Process

Andrea Castrovinci, SUPSI, Switzerland


Benefits from Calorimetry Combined with Spectroscopy – a Kinetic Assessment to Achieve Optimization and Safety of the Process (from Lab to Production Scale)

Marino Nebuloni, University of Parma and Redox, Italy

  • ·          Thursday, May 7 (14:00-18:00), Conference Centre, Room Aquarius

Day Two "The applications and benefits of new technologies in manufacturing facilities - A description of the commercially available tools which are designed to enable production of the new array of polymeric materials"

Invited talks:

Micro-Extruder Technology Developments for Solids Handling
Simone Maccagnan, GIMAC, Italy


Computation Fluid Dynamics on Twin Screw Extruder Rheology,

G. Colombo, ICMA, Italy


Process-Spectroscopy in Polymer Industry Development,

Viacheslav Artyushenko, Art Photonics, Germany and Simone Maccagnan, GIMAC, Italy


Control Technologies for Effective Use of Process Analytical Technology and Process Improvements
Marco Banti, ABB, Italy


Discussion on Future Directions: Ray Chrisman, MK Optimization and Control, USA


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