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CPAC Rome Workshop – March 23-25, 2015

Technology Innovations that Enhance Processing

Efficiency & Enable Lower Cost Operation


Benefactor:   MarqMetrix


Sponsors:  APL, CPAC, Nano Coordinates, Rollo Agro Enterprises, UOP

Is your organization interested in the topics below - to bridge the gap between basic research and process/product development?

  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing Practices – leading to lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Novel operating windows – significantly reduced cycle times
  • Mass transfer optimization – providing higher quality and better yields
  • End-to-End Intensified Process Design - enabling process Sustainability
  • Smart Manufacturing (Molecule Management) – leading to higher margins
  • Big data and data fusion – enhanced process control
  • Increased Process Monitoring and Product Assessment- higher quality and reduced off spec material

Join us to sustain CPAC’s (Center for Process Analysis and Control – University of Washington) legacy of catalyzing international collaborations among key technology leaders to advance research in these important fields of networked information-based technologies throughout the manufacturing and supply chain enterprise.

Preliminary Program is available at:


The workshop will be held over three days - beginning on Monday afternoon, March 23, and ending on Wednesday, March 25. The Workshop Presentations will serve as a basis for open discussions with a futuristic outlook toward the technology presented and its impact on the future of those technologies that impact Process Optimization. The official language for the workshop will be English.

We look forward to your participation in this event and anticipate a strong program. The registration fee will be $650 USD (575 euro). For more information on this event please see the meeting web site (www.MKControl.com) or contact Mel Koch (kochm@uw.edu) or Nan Holmes (nsh@uw.edu).

Mel Koch or Nan Holmes, MKOptandControl@gmail.com, +1 206 992 1001